14 Mar 2010

First Times…

This week has been one of firsts for me. This site was launched, I attended a workshop session for songwriters at the Canadian Music Fest (formerly Canadian Music Week) for the first time, and I met my niece’s new baby boy!

I think the site is fabulous, thanks to Kevin Cameron (website design), Alan Hardiman (production), Jessica Anne Cullingham (video editor) and Doug Cotton (principal photographer). I am grateful for their support and expertise, not to mention the product.

Please feel free to give me your feedback on how you think it looks and sounds. Does it work for you? I’d love to hear about it.

The workshop at CMF was an eye-opener to say the least. The panel was top flight (EMI, Sony, Peermusic and Warner Chappell), and they were honest, professional and kind all at once – no mean feat in a room full of aspiring sensitive songwriters. While my song was not among those chosen at random for appraisal, the comments on other songs confirmed priorities that I had suspected the ‘big guns’ have when they look for good songwriting: an engaging story, creative and varied lyrics (not too stuck on ‘rhymy rhyme’ as one panelist put it), familiar structure (verse and chorus anyone?) and great melodies (of course). It set me thinking about how I write and the way that I am always reassessing and reworking lyrics, melodies and arrangements, even on some of the songs I have already recorded. Don’t worry, if I decide to try a new version of one of your faves, it will be in addition to the original, ok?

Last (and most importantly), I got some teeny socks and tiny sleepers for the baby. Maybe a lullaby is next on my ‘to do’ list…

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