7 Mar 2010

You’re Still Mine – Lyrics

Because you fall I will catch you
Because you cry I will soothe you
Because you go I will wait for you

Because you’re scared I won’t tease you
’Cause baby it’s so hard to please you
Because you’re lonely I will hold you

Chorus 1:
Whenever you call me
Wherever you are
Whatever the problem that troubles your heart
Wherever you run to
Whatever the time
Whoever has hurt you You’re still mine.

Because you laugh while you’re weeping
Because you talk when you’re sleeping
Because you need me like I need you
Because you ask me to help you
Because you don’t really want me to
Because you’re mine I will still love you

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
However you choose to
Whatever you do
Whenever you miss me
When I miss you
Wherever life leads us
Whatever we find
Whenever you need me
You’re still mine

You’re still mine

You’re Still Mine © 2009 by Catherine Bacque (SOCAN)

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