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7 Mar 2010

You’re Still Mine – Lyrics

Because you fall I will catch you
Because you cry I will soothe you
Because you go I will wait for you

7 Mar 2010

Say That You Want Me – Lyrics

Say that you want me
Not that you need me
Show me you love me
Tell me you will be mine….tonight

7 Mar 2010

With You – Lyrics

Stop at your door, stare at the floor
Fear rushes in, on the threshold again
Then I see your face, all my doubts slip away
One soft touch one sweet kiss, was I meant to feel like this
With you, with you

7 Mar 2010

Fly – Lyrics

You say you sometimes long for another place
When all you need is right here
I hold you close to me in the falling dark
And close my eyes against the tears

7 Mar 2010

I Did, I Will, I Do – Lyrics

I know I’m playing with the hand of fate
And what I say will be too little too late
After all the heartache and the pain
Before you go I’ve got some things to say
Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?
Well I did and I do I will always love you
Every day [...]