26 May 2011

Fat Cats

No, not the kind on your sofa. I’m talking about a great boîte on Roncesvalles. The Fat Cat Wine Bar has a singer/songwriter night every Thursday, wonderfully hosted by Daniel Sky and Mark Cassidy. On May 12 I was the lucky guest when Jowi Taylor showed up with the Six String Nation guitar. In case you haven’t heard of it, go to It’s the most Canadian guitar of all time, made from all Canadian materials by an East Coast luthier, and including bits and pieces of Canadian history.
To make a long story short, I got to play it. I debuted my bilingual song “Just Because/Voila Pourquoi” on an iconic Canadian guitar!
Not that this was the only highlight of the evening…I had a great time playing my set to a packed house, and loved closing by singing along with Mark and Daniel on Mark’s soaring song, “Cannonball’.
Kudos to host/chef/owner Matthew Sutherland for a fabulous evening in a great venue.

Looking forward to getting out to more gigs this summer. Look for me at my usual haunts at the markets (go to among others. As my dates firm up, I will post them on the shows page for you.

In the meantime, check out my new co-write on youtube, Message To You.



14 Nov 2010

It’s Been Too Long!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I blogged last. It has been a busy and exciting summer, playing, writing and recording. Lots of folks have come by to see me sing at the outdoor markets in Toronto. I had great fun at the Peterborough Folk Festival also, dancing a square dance in the blazing sun to the fiddling of my friends the Dough See Dough Boys . There was even a picture of me in the Peterborough Examiner. Good thing I was do-see-do-ing right!
For those of you who are awaiting more recordings, this CD is taking a bit longer, but take heart! I am getting there. If you saw me online at the Songwriters’ Association of Canada Anniversary celebration, you heard a new song, “Stand”. This one is definitely coming along for the new record. “Love Letter”, which you can hear at is essentially done, and we have been ‘tweaking’ some of the songs from “Letting Go” (don’t worry – they are still the songs you love, just a bit cleaner and punchier).

Thank you to those of you that have sent me such positive comments. I really appreciate your interest and support. Thanks also and a shout out to everyone who I saw in person at the Victoria Park Secondary School/Collegiate Institute 50th Anniversary Reunion here in Toronto. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

I love to get your emails too, so feel free to contact me at

I will try not to take so long to blog next time!

20 Mar 2010

New Free Download!

Help yourself to an immediate, free download of Fly. Click here to get your copy. Watch for additional downloads of songs and ‘unplugged’ versions soon.

Lots of activity in the studio this week, working on recording new tunes for the full length cd. I am looking forward to getting more songs out there to you.There’s tons of variety and some really eclectic instrumentation too. Guess I am going to continue to have trouble categorising my music according to the drop down menus on myspace and itunes….

Also, I want to make some ‘unplugged’ versions of songs available to you, because when you see me live, it’s usually acoustic and solo or with just one or two other players. On that note, watch the site for new listings of upcoming gigs in the Toronto and Peterborough areas.


14 Mar 2010

First Times…

This week has been one of firsts for me. This site was launched, I attended a workshop session for songwriters at the Canadian Music Fest (formerly Canadian Music Week) for the first time, and I met my niece’s new baby boy! Read more »

7 Mar 2010

You’re Still Mine – Lyrics

Because you fall I will catch you
Because you cry I will soothe you
Because you go I will wait for you Read more »

7 Mar 2010

Say That You Want Me – Lyrics

Say that you want me
Not that you need me
Show me you love me
Tell me you will be mine….tonight Read more »

7 Mar 2010

With You – Lyrics

Stop at your door, stare at the floor
Fear rushes in, on the threshold again
Then I see your face, all my doubts slip away
One soft touch one sweet kiss, was I meant to feel like this
With you, with you Read more »

7 Mar 2010

Fly – Lyrics

You say you sometimes long for another place
When all you need is right here
I hold you close to me in the falling dark
And close my eyes against the tears Read more »

7 Mar 2010

I Did, I Will, I Do – Lyrics

I know I’m playing with the hand of fate
And what I say will be too little too late
After all the heartache and the pain
Before you go I’ve got some things to say

Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?


Well I did and I do I will always love you
Every day of my life I will always be true
Then and now, now and then
And tomorrow too
I did, I will, and I do

I won’t pretend that things are black or white
There is no simple way to make it right
Still I keep wishing you were here at night
In spite of all the silence and the fights

Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?


I don’t want to be a saint and make every hurt all better
And I can’t be superwoman just to keep it all together
I can’t change what’s done and over
Baby I don’t want to know her name

There is a time to stay and time to go
My head is fast but my heart changes slow
Most of all I had to let you know
There’s no regret, it’s just a letting go

Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?
And will I still feel that way
Or do I have the strength to make my own way?


I Did, I Will, I Do © 2009 by Catherine Bacque (SOCAN)