Monthly Archives: March, 2010

20 Mar 2010

New Free Download!

Help yourself to an immediate, free download of Fly. Click here to get your copy. Watch for additional downloads of songs and ‘unplugged’ versions soon.
Lots of activity in the studio this week, working on recording new tunes for the full length cd. I am looking forward to getting more songs out there to you.There’s [...]

14 Mar 2010

First Times…

This week has been one of firsts for me. This site was launched, I attended a workshop session for songwriters at the Canadian Music Fest (formerly Canadian Music Week) for the first time, and I met my niece’s new baby boy!

7 Mar 2010

You’re Still Mine – Lyrics

Because you fall I will catch you
Because you cry I will soothe you
Because you go I will wait for you

7 Mar 2010

Say That You Want Me – Lyrics

Say that you want me
Not that you need me
Show me you love me
Tell me you will be mine….tonight

7 Mar 2010

With You – Lyrics

Stop at your door, stare at the floor
Fear rushes in, on the threshold again
Then I see your face, all my doubts slip away
One soft touch one sweet kiss, was I meant to feel like this
With you, with you

7 Mar 2010

Fly – Lyrics

You say you sometimes long for another place
When all you need is right here
I hold you close to me in the falling dark
And close my eyes against the tears

7 Mar 2010

I Did, I Will, I Do – Lyrics

I know I’m playing with the hand of fate
And what I say will be too little too late
After all the heartache and the pain
Before you go I’ve got some things to say
Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?
Well I did and I do I will always love you
Every day [...]